In the Media

'Dom i dizajn', Jutarnji list, 03.01.21. - Effects of the earthquakes on the property market

'Dom i dizajn', Jutarnji List, 25.12.20.
 - Types of properties lacking on the property market

'Nekretnine' supplement, Jutarnji List, 07.11.20.
 Changing buyer behaviour

AlJazeera Business, 28.08.20. - Effects of the pandemic on the property market

Dom i dizajn, Jutarnji List, 30.06.20.
 - Changes in the property market in first half of 2020., 11.05.20. - Effects of the pandemic and earthquake on the property market

Croatian National TV, Studio 4, 29.10.20. 

T-portal, report on 'Business Week' talk show, Croatian Radio 18.03.19.

N1 TV, 'Newsroom' talk show, 20.02.19. - Commentary on prices and market situation

'Nekretnine' supplement, Jutarnji List, 26.01.19.
 - High property prices

'Nekretnine' supplement, Jutarnji List, 12.01.19. 
- Staging a property for sale

Lider, 30.11.2018.
 - Property investments

Croatian National TV, 'Good Morning Croatia' talk show, 12.09.2018.

Slobodna Dalmacija, 05.03 2018., 29.03.2017.

Večernji List, 05.10.2017.

'Nekretnine' supplement, Jutarnji List, 21.10.17. 

Nova TV, News, 17.04 2017.

'Nekretnine' supplement, Jutarnji List, 25.02.17.

'Nekretnine' supplement, Jutarnji List, 02.04.16.

'Nekretnine' supplement, Jutarnji List, 05.03.16.

'Nekretnine' supplement, Jutarnji List, 03.01.15.

Dom i Dizajn, 30.10.14.

Dom i Dizajn, 16.10.14., 05.10.14., 28.04.14. 

'Nekretnine' supplement, Jutarnji list, 04.01.14., 23.12.13.

'Nekretnine' supplement, Jutarnji list, 31.08.13.

'Nekretnine' supplement, Jutarnji List, 11.05.13.

Slobodna Dalmacija, 20.02.12.

Poslovni Dnevnik, 2007.
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