COVID-19 Measures

The nature of our business entails a large number of direct contacts. The demand for our services is steady, most owners continue to list their properties, and we continue to be active, putting into practice all recommended epidemiological guidelines. 

None of our team members were in contact with infected persons. We behave responsibly, avoding unneccessary personal and business contacts.

We'll continue to do as much as possible from home, reducing office hours. We wash our hands almost too often. We have always cleaned and aired our offices regularly, and will continue to do so, additionally disinfecting all work stations and everything we touch several times per day. We clean our cars regularly, and disinfect them every day. We carry disinfectant, applying it to hands before making any contact with clients. We wear masks and gloves to protect everyone we come in contact with.

We will check with owners whether they allow viewings, respecting decisions of those who do not want any direct contacts, or who are protecting vulnerable persons. It will become preferable that owners are not present during the viewing, in order to reduce the number of persons in the same space. No more than two clients will be taken on a viewing. Agents will access the properties after disinfecting their hands, with gloves and masks on, without shoes, or with shoe covers, touching as few objects and surfaces as possible, remaining in the property for as little as possible, respecting the prescribed distances, both indoors and outdoors. We'll do any post-viewing consultations outdoors, over the phone or via e-mail. 

We will endavour to carry out other mediation activities-negotiating, commenting, exchange of documents etc., without direct contact. If we will have to meet, we'll exercise everything described above, avoiding any simultaneous contacts with more than the recommended number of persons, respecting the prescribed distances.

We will continuously monitor the development of the epidemiological situation, modifying all business activities accordingly. 

Stay healthy!

Your Zagreb West Team

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