High Quality Agencies

The prevailing opinion about real estate agencies is that they offer little value for the commission they get paid. This is certainly the case with agencies that don't offer a high quality, personalised service. Clients get more than just an introduction to a tenant, buyer or a property from a real estate agency whose goal is excellence, as it will offer a range of services based on multidisciplinary expertise and a focus on client needs . Too many agencies operate in Croatia, so it is important to choose the right one as your partner.

What should clients expect from a high quality real estate agency?

A legal real estate agency in Croatia has to be licensed, which is regulated by the Law on Property Mediation. A license is granted to an agency which employs at least one person who has passed the expert exam at the Croatian Chamber of Economy. It has to operate out of adequate business premises and have insurance. An agency is legally required to check the title deeds of the properties it lists. Whether an agency is licensed can be checked in the Register of Licensed Agencies, available on this link. Do not collaborate with an agency which isn't listed in the Register, as it is operating illegally.

Checking whether an agency is legal is the first step in ascertaining whether an agency has all the relevant expertise, as a legal agency will not neccessarily offer all the support that clients need.  Find out about the agency's owners, directors and agents, and what their areas of expertise are. You should have access to marketing, sales and negotiation experts. Check the real estate agency's references and client list. Also have a browse through their web site, because a high-quality real estate agency will invest into their online presence and appearance.

Focus on client needs
A high quality agency will strive to understand its clients and their needs, in order to offer a service focused on finding solutions. Buyers and tenants will especially benefit from the services of a real estate agency which tries to gain an in-depth understanding of their search, gives advice and ultimately resolves one of the biggest challenges they might face-finding an ideal home.   

Legal Support
Check whether a real estate agency offers legal support. Bear in mind that a legal agency does not guarantee this, as legal support is not a requirement stipulated by the Law. Only experienced agencies with lots of completions, backed by a legal team specialising in property law, can guarantee legal support and protection to its clients.

Market Insight
Expert agencies have the best market insight and understanding of the trends shaping it. This means they will be able to give you informed advice, and the longer they have been operating for, the more you will be able to rely on it. An expert agency will inform the owners of precise and realistic market values of their property. Buyers will get advice on the best return on their investment.

A high quality real estate agency has to be a marketing expert. Its web site is the primary channel through which the properties are presented, and those with good web sites get more enquiries. Web sites should be attractive, user-friendy and responsive. They should be well-positioned on Google, so that the listings are visible to as many prospective buyers and tenants as possible. Agencies which keep up with trends have Facebook pages and Instagram feeds. The presentation of the flats, houses or other properties is important, as a listing with a well-written description containing all the relevant information on the property, and high quality, realistic photos, is more visible.

The employees of high quality real estate agencies are negotiation experts. Their goal should be a completion after which all the parties involved feel that they have benefited.

Saving of Time
A real estate agency saves the owners time by taking over the presentation of their property, both virtually and by doing the showings. Owners' time is also saved by the agency filtering enquiries. Buyers will be presented an offer based on their pre-set criteria, and will not waste time on viewing inadequate properties.

Additional Services
Besides offering marketing, useful market information and expert advice, high quality real estate agencies will offer additional services related to property transactions. Managed handovers, energy efficiency certificates, access to architects and interior designers, construction and legalisation experts, are just some of the services that high quality agencies provide.


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