Licensed real estate agencies

Licensed real estate agencies adhere to the Law on Property Mediation, the introduction of which was initiated by the Association of Property Mediators at the Croatian Chamber of Economy, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy. It has been in force since 2007. 

All legal real estate agencies and agents are listed in the Register, which is public and available on this link. 

At least one of the real estate agency's employees has to have passed the expert exam at the Croatian Chamber of Economy, and have a full-time position. 

The real estate agency has to operate out of adequate, professional looking offices, with a separate space for confidential talks, must have libaility insurance and keep the so-called Mediation log.  

The real estate agency has to display the mediation terms and conditions on a visible location, and its logo in all its adverts and online listings. 

Very importantly, the real estate agency has to check the title deeds of all the properties it lists, and inform its clients of any potential issues. 

Agency fees can be set freely and negotiated with the client, with all the terms of the Mediation agreed in writing. 

Ensure that you are collaborating with a legal agency to avoid damages.