Sales and purchases of flats, houses and office premises

Zagreb West real estate agency has been operating for more than 25 years. We are experts in the field of property sales and purchases because of our experience, but also because our team has the knowledge and skills needed for successful mediation. Further proof of our success is the large number of completions we have had over the years.

Many clients see the job of a real estate agency simply as the connecting of a flat, house or office with a buyer. In reality, the job of a real estate agency is very complex because we have to be experts in many fields and apply a multidisciplinary approach on an everyday basis. Besides being experts in the legal, marketing and sales fields, we also offer lots of additional services for the owners and those clients who are searching, which help them complete perhaps one of the most significant transactions or investments in life. Our knowledge and skills set enables our clients to trust us, which reduces challenges and uncertanties during the process of the sale or purchase of a flat, house or office. See here what Zagreb West real estate agency's clients think of our services. 

Zagreb West real estate agency continuously invests into the education of its team. We employ people who understand the market and who really want to do the challenging job of an agent. They are tactical, motivated, and have excellent knowledge of sales techniques, but also have empathy for the clients' problems, requests and needs. All of Zagreb West real estate agency's directors and employees work according to the 'more than a real estate agency' principle.

The services of Zagreb West real estate agency are all-encompassing and complete. We provide market valuations, energy efficiency certificates in collaboration with authorised certifiers, and full legal support which is included in the commission. The owners of flats, houses and offices further benefit from our advice on the appearance and presentation of their property to sell it as quickly as possible, we mediate in the negotations with expertise in order to complete the transaction to the benefit of everyone involved and we save time by filtering enquiries.