Services for buyers and prospective tenants

Zagreb West real estate agency is often contacted by many buyers who are frustrated with their search for an ideal flat, house or office. The offer is wide, all the real estate agencies use the same advertising channels, the market in Zagreb mainly operates according to a multi-agency system, resulting in the repetition of listings. Many buyers find it additionally frustrating that the listings are often incomplete and inaccurate, so that sometimes even the same flat, house or office is described differently in different advertisements, in which case the buyer might waste time by viewing the same property twice. Zagreb West real estate agency can filter and narrow down the offer of flats, houses or offices for the buyers, and present only the ones which satisfy their criteria.

Zagreb West real estate agency helps its ex-pat clients in several ways, but the property search service is especially important. Ex-pats who are arriving to Zagreb for the first time and do not know it well, most often do not use local property search engines. Zagreb West real estate agency becomes their ‘window to the offer’. They don’t have time for endless viewings, because they have a limited amount of time to find the right property. Zagreb West real estate agency collects as much information as possible in advance from the client, via a Property search form and phone call, so that the right flats, houses or offices are offered. Our ex-pat clients might be coming to Zagreb for the first time when they do a viewing a with us, so Zagreb West real estate agency becomes a source of information about the locations, and local amenities like schools, nurseries, shops, amusement and recreational facilities. So besides offering the properties which suit our clients’ needs within their budget, and giving them lots of useful information about life in Zagreb, our agents who have lived abroad and moved several times understand all the challenges our clients are faced with. They speak foreign languages making the communication with the client easier and more productive.