Market valuations
Zagreb West real estate agency’s market valuations are based on years of experience and many completions. This enables our clients to trust that the price we suggest is the one aligned with market trends and comparable properties. We are realistic when valuating, as the price-quality ratio is one of the main criteria that buyers or tenants currently apply when selecting a flat, house or office.  

Innovative, effective marketing
The directors and owners of Zagreb West real estate agency are educated and have international work experience in the fields of entrepreneurship, marketing and sales. All the agents have sales and negotiation experience, and are carefully selected to be part of our team because of their professional, open, responsible and enthusiastic approach to the job. Both the management and sales teams continuously follow trends which shape the market, and undergo training.

It is important for the owners that their flat, house or office is presented in such a way that the largest possible number of clients sees the advert and decides to view their property because of it. Zagreb West real estate agency’s web site is user-friendly, visually attractive and optimised for Google so that it is easily accessible to clients looking for a flat, house or office to buy or rent. We publish high-quality, but realistic photos on our web site so that flats, houses and offices are presented in the right way. The properties are described accurately and in detail. Our offer is present on the most effective and used property search engines. We advertise in the most read print media and property supplements. Zagreb West real estate agency is using social media as a communication and advertising channel, and we are generating an increased number of business via Facebook and Instagram. We get lots of our business via referrals of satisfied clients, especially in the field of rentals, within which we have productive business relationships with embassies and large companies. All of this enables the owners of flats, houses and offices listed with Zagreb West real estate agency to leave the advertising and presentation of their property in our hands.

Energy efficiency certificates
Zagreb West real estate agency offers energy efficiency certificates through authorised certifiers, who carry out a detailed survey of the flat, house or office. This completes the package of services we offer the owners to make it easier for them to sell or rent their flat, house or office.

Most of our clients must have an energy efficiency certificate, because all the owners of flats, houses or offices in a building larger than 50m2 are required to have one. The obligation of having an energy efficiency certificate for properties for sale became effective on the day Croatia joined the EU, while the owners of properties for rent have had the obligation of having one since 01. Jan 2016. The owners of properties for rent for tourist purposes are exempt.

An energy certificate is a document valid for 10yrs, and it determines the energy classification of the building, its energy characteristics and provides information on the potential consumption of energy. The energy certificate also gives recommendations on the improvement of energy consumption. 

The purchase/sale of a flat, house of office is potentially one of the biggest and most stressful life situations we are faced with. Because of the still relatively disorderly situation with the Land book and Cadastral registries in Croatia, and due to the lack of experience most clients have in the sale/purchase or renting of a flat, house or office, a thorough check of the documentation is one of Zagreb West real estate agency’s main obligations. We check all the paperwork and titles of the flats, houses and offices we take into our offer, and warn clients about any potential legal issues or hindrances to a completion.

As a licensed agency, Zagreb West real estate agency works according to the Law on Property Mediation. We are listed under entry number 129/2009 in the Register of Property Mediatiors, held by the Croatian Chamber of Economy. Zagreb West real estate agency is also a signatory of the Ethics Code in Property Mediation. Our everyday activities require us to understand and apply many other laws and regulations eg. The Law on Obligatory Relations, the Law on Ownership and Other Real Rights, the Law on Physical Planning and Construction, the Law on Land Books, and the Law on Taxes in Property Transactions. Zagreb West real estate agency collaborates with a legal team who have lots of experience with property transactions. We work together towards a completion beneficial to all the parties involved. 


We are skillful negotatiors who work with goal of completing to everyone's benefit.

Staging a property, furnishing and equipping it to ensure a quick completion and the best return on investment is crucial. Tap into our our knowledge and experience to present the property in the best light.  
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