The Zagreb West approach

The goal of Zagreb West real estate agency has always been to have a productive business relationship with our clients because they trust our informed advice and because our service is professional and reliable. We endeavour to form a partnership with our clients, so that all the parties involved in a transaction feel they have benefited from doing business with us. We have developed a unique approach and our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. This approach has guaranteed Zagreb West real estate agency ongoing relationships with the owners of many high quality flats, houses and offices, as well as with buyers and prospective tenants, who are mainly employees of large local and foreign companies and embassies.

Zagreb West real estate agency's team has a combination of international work experience in marketing and sales, and local market knowledge. We are experts in various areas of entrepreneurship, sales and marketing, and have in-depth knowledge of the local market trends. Our international work experience has given us a broader view on customer relationships and what clients expect from an agency.

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