Who are we?

Zagreb West real estate agency is one of the leading real estate agencies in Zagreb which has been operating successfully since 1991. We are professional and enthusiastic experts in what we do. Client satisfaction is one of our main goals.

Zagreb West real estate agency is licensed with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce according to the latest laws and regulations governing property mediation and all our agents and members of the management team have passed the required expert exam. Lana Mihaljinac Knežević, the co-owner and director of Zagreb West real estate agency, is also the President of the Property Mediators Expert Group for the City of Zagreb and Zagreb County at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and one of her main goals is the continued development of the quality of services that real estate agencies offer.

Zagreb West real estate agency offers mediation services in the following transactions:
Flat rentals in Zagreb
Flat sales/purchases in Zagreb

House rentals in Zagreb
House sales/purchases in Zagreb

Office space rentals in Zagreb
Office space sales/purchases in Zagreb

Zagreb West real estate agency also offers a range of additional free useful services for the owners and those clients searching for a property, which make the renting/letting or sale/purchase of a flat, house and office easier for our clients. These services also help them understand the property market better. Some of Zagreb West real estate agency's main services for the owners are realistic market valuations with the goal of completing in the shortest time possible, free property marketing, and advice on the best ways of equipping and presenting the flat, house or office to make it more attractive. 

For clients who are prospective tenants of buyers of a flat, house or office, Zagreb West real estate agency presents the offer according to the clients' pre-determined criteria, shows the flats, houses or offices in a logical way, at the same time giving lots of useful information about the location, and draws the clients' attention to the best opportunities. One of our goals is to help the clients choose the right flat, house or office based on their needs, while saving them time.

Zagreb West real estate agency was established by Marina Mihaljinac, mr.ecc. in 1991. Back then the property market and agency business in Croatia were only beginning to emerge and very few owners of flats, houses and offices were using real estate agencies to rent or sell their properties. With the arrival of many embassies, international government and non-government institutions, and foreign companies, the only way for the owners to present and rent or sell their flats, houses or offices was through a real estate agency. Zagreb West real estate agency recognised this need, and was from its beginnings very successful in connecting the owners of high quality flats, houses and offices in Zagreb with desirable tenants. With time, Zagreb West real estate agency also started offering mediation services in the sale of flats, houses and offices.

From the start, the focus of Zagreb West real estate agency  was on expanding our knowledge and today we are property experts who understand all the trends shaping the market. The current directors of Zagreb West real estate agency are Lana Mihaljinac Knežević, mr.ecc. and Luka Mihaljinac, dipl.ecc., who co-own the company with its founder, Marina. Their goal is to keep embracing change in mediation processes and in trends affecting the property market while building on the foundations established a long time ago.

Zagreb West Ltd.,

Šulekova 11, 10 000 Zagreb
Company ID number (OIB): 57317741523
Registered with the Commercial Court in Zagreb

Members of the board:
Lana Mihaljinac Knežević, mr. oec.
Luka Mihaljinac, bacc. oec.

Bank account number: Zagrebačka banka d.d.
IBAN: HR5623600001101434265
Basic capital: 21.000 kn